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Claudio Guglieri
Claudio Guglieri

San Francisco

Group Creative Director at Huge OAK. Design & Creative Direction at Guglieri.com — Former CD Microsoft - Fluent Design.

adobe photoshop, framer, ios design, mobile, product design, sketch, touch, ui, ux, web design

  1. Starboard — Apple Glass Dashboard Concept ar mixed reality icons glasses dashboard cinema4d augmented reality apple 3d
  2. Starboard — Apple Glass Dashboard Concept Detail dashboard mixed reality ios14 icon glasses dashboad cinema4d augmented reality apple 3d
  3. Starboard — Apple Glass Dashboard Concept starboard ios14 workstation ios icon mixed reality 3d dashboard augmented reality glasses apple cinema4d
  4. Work assistant — iOS App. entity ai assistant ui layout iphone ios app
  5. Alarm App — Dual screen phone. neo surface microsoft alarm clock alarm appdesign interfacedesign colors sunrise sun interface productdesign industrialdesign conceptdesign cinema4d
  6. Concept Design — OS mobile ui interface typography os 3d concept design mockup device
  7. Guglieri.com — New Cover WIP webdesign cinema4d grid layout typography
  8. Decentraland — Menu + Footer typogaphy lowpoly rainbow footer website environment 3d
  9. Decentraland — WebGL Intro magic illustration 3d intro web tree environment
  10. OLMO App - Thread and Meeting invite ui social community 3d c4d mobile icon ios app
  11. How far can be push it - Awwwards Conference '19
  12. OLMO App - CTA Motion workplace mentor mobile framer animation layout ios app advice
  13. OLMO App - First look advice work mentor layout mobile ios app
  14. The Journey, not the Destination walkthrough learn tutorial design course instagram igtv
  15. How far can be push it - Loupe Conference talk minimal keynote presentation slides typography
  16. Exercising App - AI / Sensors powered augmented reality aidesign ai guglierilive interactiondesign uitrends exercise sports ar app huawei workout
  17. Music Player Explorations fluent fluent design interface windows app music music player
  18. New Instagram Account - Guglieri.live guglierilive web apps music ui interfaces inspiration daily design instagram
  19. Yomes Intro - Renters Transparency Initiative flares parallax vector step seasons questionnaire interactive illustration form website
  20. Mixpanel Segmentation detail visualization information architecture information design
  21. Yomes - Renters Transparency Initiative spring summer winter fall seasons vector step form questionnaire illustration web interactive
  22. Making Technology More Natural at TEDxBerkeley conference. presentation technology microsoft fluent article cover talk tedx
  23. Design Lapse - Logo Loop designlapse time arrow prototype test lapse design logo loop
  24. AR based iOS App - 3 reality metric measure iphone augmented arkit ar app
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